Honeymead Festival 2017 - The Albion Quartet

Honeymead Festival 2017 - Friday, 5 May, 7 for 7.30pm

The Albion Quartet (Tamsin Waley-Cohen, Emma Parker, violins; Rosalind Ventris, viola; Nathaniel Boyd, cello) will be playing three wonderful quartets for this year's Honeymead Festival.
- Haydn “Emperor” Quartet, opus 76 no 3. The third of his final set of six great quartets, written in London, and nicknamed for the melody, inspired by the English National Anthem, which became the national anthem of Austria and, later, Germany.
- Schumann Quartet opus 41 no 1. Written in the early years of his marriage to the great Clara Schumann, and dedicated to his close friend Felix Mendelssohn, this is Schumann at his most romantic and playful.
- Schubert Death and the Maiden, string Quartet no 14 in D minor. A pillar of the repertoire, considered one of the greatest quartets ever written, this is Schubert at his most dramatic and heartbreaking.
Further information from Miss S. May, email sjmay99@hotmail.com